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Enjoy all the benefits of the 0575 in this compact version for those looking for something a little on the smaller side. The 0575c is equipped with 2 pumps and a blower to give you an intense and deep massage. Enjoy a full body massage which will satisfy you from you neck to the arch of your foot with it's astounding 78 chrome jets. If you're still not sold, this tub comes with a volcano jet to give you that extra flair and will surely impress any tub users. One of the only models available that is suited with 2 loungers makes this tub ideal for your family of 4-5. To add even more versitility, the diverter valve will allow you to concentrate water pressure in specific areas. This is an efficient and convenient package to be enjoyed through all seasons.




3 seats; 2 Loungers

78 All Active Massage Jets

2 Pumps

1 Blower

Volcano jet

Dense Insulation pannels 

Chrome jets

Illuminated control valves

Cover included


78’’ x 78’’ x 32’’

Be Well 0578c- Contact for Availability

Excluding Sales Tax

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