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For those who desire spacious surroundings, you’ll fall in love with the Orion. With it’s roomy design and open spaces, the Orion will soon become your favorite social gathering spot for both family and friends. With four oversized corner seats, comfort is a natural and their placement is ideal for having group talks. The footwell in the Orion is oversized and it is two-tiered for added leg room and more comfort options. The floor area also has two textured areas. For your added convenience and safety, the Orion also has two Step-In/Cool Down seats. Getting in and out of the spa is safe and easy and if you happen to get a little overheated. The Orion has 28 adjustable, stainless steel jets which include foot and neck jets for total massage coverage. You can direct the water through all 28 of the spa jets or you can increase the intensity by directing it through only two of the four seats


The Orion is manufactured as a 120V, “Plug & Play” spa. It comes equipped with a 15’, GFCI protected cord. Simply set your spa on a solid, level surface***. Fill it with water and then plug it in to a dedicated 15Amp electrical outlet. Your spa should be ready to use in about 24 hours. The Orion is also convertible to 240V** for better heating efficiency. If you plan to use your spa in cold weather for extended periods of time, it is recommended that you convert to 240V.


The contemporary look of the Orion is enhanced with a cascading waterfall with LED backlighting, an LED main light and external LED lights on each corner of the spa. You can choose your favorite color or you can enjoy variable changing color sequences. The Orion will be a fine addition to your backyard.

InnovaSpa Orion

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