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The Fantom is a traditionally designed spa.  It combines the simplicity of stadium seating with a body conforming lounger.  It’s an ideal spa for individual use or for a relaxing get-together with family and friends.


The side by side stadium seats provide a comfortable sitting area where you can just sit back and relax, or you can have a nice conversation with the people sitting beside or across from you.  Each pair of stadium seats has a different angle at which to rest your back.  You can sit almost straight up, or if you prefer, you can sit in the opposite seat and tilt yourself back a little further. Either way, it will be very relaxing. The Fantom also has a body-conforming lounger with dual armrests.  You can just lay back and enjoy the soothing feel of the jet action on your entire back and on the bottom of your feet at the same time.


The Fantom has 20 stainless steel jets that are positioned to give you a thorough and pleasing massage. Each jet is also individually adjustable. The stadium seats have full back and lower back jet patterns while the lounger has a more intense back pattern with the added pleasure of foot jets.

The Fantom is manufactured as a 120V “Plug & Play” spa. You can simply set it in place, fill it with water and plug it into a standard, dedicated 120V electrical outlet.  And if you enjoy using your spa for long periods of time in cold weather, it can also be converted to 240V for better heating efficiency.


The Fantom has a traditional look that you will be proud to display in your backyard. It has the ambiance of an LED-backlit cascading waterfall which is enhanced by external LED sconce lighting in each corner of the spa. Your Fantom will not only feel good, but it will also look good.

InnovaSpa Fantom

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