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This spacious and powerful tub will give a deep, satisfying massage for all 6 of it's users. This tub was built for large groups, whether that's your family, friends, teammates after a long game.. it is perfect for all kinds of combinations. Enjoy ample sitting room without the need for footsies. This tub was built to diversify the jet locations so each user receives a substantial experience. The 0665 has a mighty roar that will surely hit all of those tough to reach places. Equipped with 65 jets, each seat was designed for ideal levels of comfort




5 seats; 1 Loungers

65 All Active Massage Jets

2 Pumps

1 Blower

Dense Insulation pannels 

Chrome jets

Illuminated control valves

Cover included


87" x 87" x 36"

Be Well 0665- Contact for Availability

Excluding Sales Tax

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