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The 0700 series are the definition of party tubs. One of the rare models that is all seats, no lounger. This spacious 7-seater is an absolute dream for large groups or parties. The massive footwell assures ample foot space. This tub will surprise you with it's comfortable seating and abundance of space. With an astounding 82 jets, 2 pumps and 1 blower, you and your guests will be satisfied no matter where you sit. Prepare to be wowed by the volcano jet which gives this tub all the extra flair you need to impress your guests. Enjoy company every weekend with no concerns of leaving somebody out.




7 Seats

82 All Active Massage Jets

3 Pumps

1 Blower

Volcano jet

Dense Insulation pannels 

Chrome jets

Illuminated control valves

Cover included


87" x 87" x 36"

Be Well 0782- Contact for Availability

Excluding Sales Tax

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