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Our Huron 5 to 7 person hot tub is ideal for couples, small families and instances where space is limited or those that want to create an amazing 5 to 7 person hot tub centre in their backyard. Celebrate the finer things in life and enjoy our Huron Hot Tub with friends and family in this fantastic mid-sized all-inclusive hot tub package. Reliable operation and energy-efficient ownership make the Northern Hot Tubs Huron model an intelligent choice for shoppers that are seeking premium hot tubs in a well-built, well-equipped, all-inclusive, straightforward hot tub package at a sensible price!




6 seats

40 All Active Massage Jets

3HP Massage Pump

Stainless Steel Frame

5 Layer Insulation System

WIFI Enabled

LED Lights

Bluetooth speakers


79” x 79” x 36”



Northern Hot Tubs Huron- Contact for Availability

Excluding Sales Tax

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