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Our 4 to 5 person Ramsey hot tub is one of the smallest square hot tubs available on the market and is a true 4 to 5 person hot tub. Couples can sit very comfortably, and if you want to experience it with guests, it is possible with reasonable comfort. Enjoy our Ramsey Hot Tub with your favourite person or alone in this fantastic mid-sized, all-inclusive, well-built and straightforward hot tub package. You can also expect reliable and energy-efficient ownership, which makes the Northern Hot Tubs Ramsey model a trendy choice for the savvy shopper looking for medium-sized hot tubs.




4 seats; 1 Lounger

34 All Active Massage Jets

3HP Massage Pump

Stainless Steel Frame

5 Layer Insulation System

WIFI Enabled

LED Lights

Bluetooth speakers


74” x 74” x 34”

Northern Hot Tubs Ramsey- Contact for Availability

Excluding Sales Tax

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